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  • "There is no blame on the Prophet (SAW) in that which Allaah has made legal for him.That has been Allaah's Way with those who have passed away of (the Prophets of) old, And the Command of Allaah is a decree determined." [Al-Ahzaab (33):38]
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  • Narrated Abu Wail:

    'Abdullah used to give a religious talk to the people on every Thursday. Once a man said, "O Aba 'Abdur-Rahman! (By Allah) I wish if you could preach us daily." He replied, "The only thing which prevents me from doing so, is that I hate to bore you, and no doubt I take care of you in preaching by selecting a suitable time just as the Prophet used to do with us, for fear of making us bored." [The Book of Knowledge Volume 1, Book 3, Hadeeth 70]
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