• The Best Speech
  • "And unto those who are Jews, We have forbidden such things as We have mentioned to you (O Muhammad sal-Allaahu 'alayhe wa sallam) before [in Surat-Al-An'aam, (The Cattle), see Verse 6:146], And We wronged them not, but they used to wrong themselves." [An-Nahl (16):118]
  • The Best Guidance
  • Narrated 'Abdullah:

    When the following Verse was revealed: "It is those who believe and confuse not their belief with wrong (worshipping others besides Allah.)" (6:83), the companions of Allah's Apostle asked, "Who is amongst us who had not done injustice (wrong)?" Allah revealed: "No doubt, joining others in worship with Allah is a great injustice (wrong) indeed." (31.13) [The Book of Faith Volume 1, Book 2, Hadeeth 31]
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