• The Best Speech
  • "And upon Allaah is the responsibility to explain the Straight Path (i.e, Islaamic Monotheism for mankind i.e, to show them legal and illegal, good and evil things, etc, so, whosoever accepts the guidance, it will be for his own benefit and whosoever goes astray, it will be for his own destruction), but there are ways that turn aside (such as Paganism, Judaism, Christianity, etc.), And had He willed, He would have guided you all (mankind)." [An-Nahl (16):9]
  • The Best Guidance
  • Narrated Abu Mas'ud:

    The Prophet said, "If a man spends on his family (with the intention of having a reward from Allah) sincerely for Allah's sake then it is a (kind of) alms-giving in reward for him. [The Book of Faith Volume 1, Book 2, Hadeeth 52]
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