Our Obligations Regarding The Rulers

Author: al-Allaamah, Fadheelatush-Shaikh Haafidh Ibn Ahmad al-Hakamee (d.1377H)

Source: A’laam as-Sunnah al-Manthoorah al-Ei’tiqaad at-Tae’fatun-Naajiyyatal Mansoorah

Published: Wednesday 12th August, 2015

Answer: Wishing them well, its explanation is that they are supported regarding the truth, they are followed and obeyed. That they be advised with softness, they are prayed behind, jihaad should be performed with them, they should be given the zakah and charity, having patience on some of their minor impressions and injustice, weapons are not raised against them up until the open kufr is apparent from them. They are not pushed into deceit by fabricated lies and supplications be performed for them for the sake of guidance and rectification.

Answer: Allaah says,

The Messenger of Allaah said,

The Messenger of Allaah also said,

It is the saying of Ubaadah ibn as-Saamit who said,

It is another saying of the Apostle of Allaah ,

In another place he said,

In another place he said,

In another place he said,

In another place he said,

All these ahadeeth are mentioned in the six most authentic books of hadeeth.


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