The Scholars’ Praise for Shaykh Rabee’ Ibn Haadee Al-Madkhalee

Author: Maktabah Al-Idreesee As-Salafiyyah, San’aa, Yemen

Source: Al-Manhaj
Translator: Abu Maryam Isma’eel Alarcon

Published: Wednesday 12th August, 2015

Shaykh Ahmad An-Najmee:

In the first cassette of the tape set "The Rulings of the Scholars on the Statements of 'Adnaan 'Aroor", [1] the Shaykh said:

"As for Shaykh Rabee' - he is known for his effort in clarifying the Sunnah and refuting the innovators. May Allaah reward him with good."


[1] This 'Aroor has invented false and corrupt principles by which he tries to defend the people of innovation and misguidance. And he is from the extremists with regard to promoting Sayyid Qutb, to the point that he said:

"I do not know of any person on the face of this earth that has spoken about the minhaaj (methodology) in the manner that Sayyid Qutb has spoken about it"!!!

And he has many statements in which he praises Sayyid Qutb and commends and exalts his books. And 'Aroor is well known for lying and falsifying information about him (i.e. in favor of Sayyid Qutb), may Allaah protect us from the evil of the Qutubis. And we ask Allaah that He expose them day after day. Many of the scholars have refuted 'Aroor and have clarified his falsifications, deceptions and lies on the Salafees - not to mention Shaykh Rabee' from one perspective and 'Aroor's excessiveness with regard to Sayyid Qutb from another perspective. So O brothers, strive to find out about 'Aroor and every misguided innovator so that you can beware of them, especially in these times in which the people of innovations, desires and calamities are many.


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