The Signs Before The Day Of Judgement

Author: Al-Haafidh Ibn Katheer

Published: Thursday 14th January, 2016

The Hadeeth of Al-Nuwas Ibn Sam'an Al-Kilabi

Al-Nuwas ibn Saman said,

"One morning the Prophet (صلى الله علیه وسلم) spoke about the Dajjaal. Sometimes he described him as insignificant, and sometimes he described him as so dangerous that we thought he was in the clump of date-palms nearby. When we went to him later on, he noticed that fear in our faces, and asked, 'What is the matter with you?' We said, 'O Messenger of Allaah, this morning you spoke of the Dajjaal; sometimes you described him as insignificant, and sometimes you described him as being so dangerous that we thought he was in the clump of date-palms nearby.

"The Prophet (صلى الله علیه وسلم) said, 'I fear for you in other matters besides the Dajjaal. If he appears whilst I am among you, I will contend with him on your behalf. But if he appears while I am not among you, then each man must contend with him on his own behalf, and Allaah will take care of every Muslim on my behalf. The Dajjaal will be a young man, with short, curly hair, and one eye floating. I would liken him to 'Abd al-Uzzaa ibn Qatan. Whoever amongst you lives to see him should recite the opening Ayaat of Surat al-Kahf. He will appear on the way between Syria and Iraq, and will create disaster left and right. O servants of Allaah, adhere to the Path of Truth.' "

"We said, 'O Messenger of Allaah, for the day which is like a year, will one days prayers be sufficient?' He said, 'No, you must make an estimate of the time, and then observe the prayers.' "

"We asked, 'O Messenger of Allaah, how quickly will he walk upon the earth?' He said, 'Like a cloud driven by the wind. He will come to the people and call them (to a false religion), and they will believe in him and respond to him. He will issue a command to the sky, and it will rain; and to the earth, and it will produce crops. After grazing on these crops, their animals will return with their udders full of milk and their flanks stretched. Then he will come to another people and will call them (to a false religion), but they will reject his call. He will depart from them; they will suffer famine and will possess nothing in the form of wealth. Then he will pass through the wasteland and will say, Bring forth your treasures, and the treasures will come forth, like swarms of bees. Then he will call a man brimming with youth; he will strike him with a sword and cut him in two, then place the two pieces at the distance between an archer and his target. Then he will call him, and the young man will come running and laughing.' "

"At that point, Allaah will send the Messiah, son of Mary, and he will descend to the white minaret in the east of Damascus, wearing two garments dyed with saffron, placing his hands on the wings of two angels. When he lowers his head, beads of perspiration will fall from it, and when he raises his head, beads like pearls will scatter from it. Every Kaafir who smells his fragrance will die, and his breath will reach as far as he can see. He will search for the Dajjaal until he finds him at the gate of Ludd, where he will kill him."

"Then a people whom Allaah has protected will come to Jesus son of Mary, and he will wipe their faces (i.e. wipe the traces of hardship from their faces) and tell them of their status in Paradise. At that time Allaah will reveal to Jesus: "I have brought forth some of My servants whom no-one will be able to fight. Take My servants safely to at-Toor."

"Then Allaah will send Gog and Magog, and they will swarm down from every slope. The first of them will pass by the Lake of Tiberias, and will drink some of its water; the last of them will pass by it and say, "There used to be water here." Jesus, the Prophet of Allaah, and his Companions will be besieged until a bull's head will be dearer to them than one hundred dinars are to you nowadays."

"Then Jesus and his Companions will pray to Allaah, and He will send insects who will bite the people of Gog and Magog on their necks, so that in the morning they will all perish as one. Then Jesus and his Companions will come down and will not find any nook or cranny on earth which is free from their putrid stench. Jesus and his Companions will again pray to Allaah, Who will send birds like the necks of camels; they will seize the bodies of Gog and Magog and throw them wherever Allaah wills. Then Allaah will send rain which no house or tent will be able to keep out, and the earth will be cleansed, until it will look like a mirror. Then the earth will be told to bring forth its fruit and restore its blessing. On that day, a group of people will be able to eat from a single pomegranate and seek shelter under its skin (i.e. the fruit would be so big). A milch camel will give so much milk that a whole party will be able to drink from it; a cow will give so much milk that a whole tribe will be able to drink from it; and a milch-sheep will give so much milk that a whole family will be able to drink from it. At that time, Allaah will send a pleasant wind which will soothe them even under their armpits, and will take the soul of every Muslim. Only the most wicked people will be left, and they will fornicate like asses; then the Last Hour will come upon them." " [Muslim] [1]


[1] Muslim, Kitaab al-Fitan wa Ashraat al-Saa'ah, 8/196-199.

Ludd: the biblical Lydda, now known as Lod, site of the zionist state's major airport.


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