What I Witnessed In England

Author: Shaikh Abu ‘Abdir-Rahmaan Yahyaa bin ‘Alee Al-Hujooree

Source: Al-Manhaj
Translator: Abu Maryam Isma'eel Alarcon

Published: Thursday 30th July, 2015

The Condition of the Disbelievers in England

As for the condition of the disbelievers in that land, then there is no need for me to explain it to you, because many of you have memorized Allaah’s saying:

And Allaah says:

And He says:

And He says:

And He says:

Yes, they are the worst of creatures. I will mention to you some examples indicating that they are the worst of creatures. We saw the cattle and the animals there, but we didn’t see a donkey having intercourse with a cow or one animal over another animal. However, we saw a disbeliever and with him was his wench whose private parts were all exposed due to her being touched so much all over! This is because they engage so much in their indecent and lewd acts that they don’t know what they’re doing anymore. And you can also see the disbelieving woman with her wench.

And they are so concerned with dogs – as the brothers informed me – more than they are concerned with their own children. This is to the point that there are doctors, care centers, hospitals, ambulances and specified wards for these dogs!

The brother, Hasan al-Hadramee, told me: “I used to see a Christian man with his dog. But one day I saw him without his dog and he was grief-stricken, so I asked him about it, and he told me that his dog became so sick that the medics came to his house and took the dog to the hospital. So it has been four days now and the dog is recuperating in the hospital!”

The dogs – due to their high position – even live with them in their homes and sleep in their beds. These owners spend money on them and buy meat for them. And the barking of the dogs can be heard from within the houses. They kiss the dog in the mouth and lick it while the dog in turn licks its owner. Each of them licks one another in the mouth – the dog and the disbeliever. Yet the dog is more pure and virtuous than the disbeliever based on the textual proofs.

And the reason for all this is because their children do not stay with them. So for example a woman may fornicate with three or four different men and she doesn’t know which of them is the father of her child. And when the daughter reaches the age of 15 more or less, she moves into someone else’s home and gets a boyfriend or boyfriends. They call the one who fornicates with her a “boyfriend.” And she ends up abandoning her mother and father.

And if her father is a Muslim and he prevents her, all she need do is pick up the phone and calls the police, and they will come and take her away, against his will. No one knows the extent of her liberties, as it is said. This goes the same for the son. They do not go to visit their fathers or mothers. So all they are left with is their dogs, which they consider as being kinder and more loving to them (than their children).

We observed that these disbelievers give importance to three things. They are concerned with their stomachs, as you can see them eating on the street, and even while in their cars they eat. In every condition, they are eating, as the Prophet (sallAllaahu 'alayhi wa sallam) said:

They are also concerned with sports. This is such that some of them said to others: “Come with us to our worship!!” What is their worship? Do they pray or what? They say: “Our worship is sports.” This is what the brothers informed me and they are trustworthy.

They are also concerned with their bodies. We would pass by some of the parks while traveling by car and especially on the days of Saturday and Sunday, you can see one of them with his naked girlfriend. The woman is not wearing anything except for underwear, which covers her two private areas. This goes the same for the man. And according to what the brothers informed me of, they put some oil on themselves and then lie like this on their backs for a while (under the sun) – maybe 10 minutes or more, and then on their stomachs and then on both of their sides. We said: “Why do they torture themselves in this manner?” They said: “These people grow tired of their white body colors – because the British are white - and so they want to have red skin.

This is since the woman is more able to attract fornicators when she is a little red. This goes the same for the men.

So they busy themselves with a disbelieving concern for their bodies, their stomachs and their private parts.

A woman over there in some cases will not get married unless she has two or three children or more out of wedlock. And when she does decide to marry, it may be that she will have a husband and a boyfriend. And the British brothers know this. So she has a husband in the house and every now and then asks his permission: “Excuse me, I want to go to my boyfriend.” Likewise with the man, he has a wife and a girlfriend, or perhaps two or more girlfriends!

I was also informed that they have a street there just for the homosexuals. I saw them gathering together in a group, but I did not see them while they were performing their lewd acts. They also have a street where prostitutes come out at night. And we praise Allaah that we didn’t pass by that street at night. A man can pass through that street at night and easily pick up a woman for a low price and then take her home and so on.

So this is the life of animals. Rather, the animals are more honorable! And these people have no yearnings except for these things.


There is no condition that it be one – it could maybe be one boyfriend or several boyfriends!


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