Paving The Way For Victory

Author: Shaikh Muhammad Naasirud-Deen al-Albaanee

Source: Fiqhul-Waaqi’ (pp. 49-51)

Published: Saturday 8th August, 2015

“Therefore, the key to a return of the glory of Islaam is: implementation of beneficial knowledge and establishing righteous and correct actions, and this is a very great affair which the Muslims cannot reach, except through the manhaj (methodology) of tasfiyah (purification and correction) and tarbiyah (education and cultivation). These being two very great obligations. By the first of these, the following is intended:


Purifying the Islaamic ’aqeedah from that which is alien to it, such as shirk (associating partners to in those things that are particular to Him), ta’teel (rejection Attributes), ta’weel (twisting the meanings of Allaah’s Attributes), refusing authentic ahaadeeth, because they are connected to matters of ’aqeedah, and their like.


Purifying the Islaamic fiqh from the erroneous judgements made, which are contrary to the Book and the Sunnah, freeing the minds from the fetters of blind-following and the darkness of sectarianism and party-spirit.


Purifying the books of tafseer, fiqh raqaa’iq (matters concerning the heart) and other than that, from ahaadeeth which are weak and fabricated, or the the unsupported narrations from the people of the Book, and the reprehensible narrations.

As regards the second obligation, then by it I mean: cultivating the young generation upon this Islaam, purified all that we have mentioned, giving to them a correct Islaamic education from the start - without any influence from the disbelieving western education.

There is no doubt, that bringing these two obligations about requires huge efforts and sincere co-operation between all Muslims - individuals and groups - from all those who are truly concerned with establishing the desired Islaamic society, each one working in his own field and specialty.”


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