Fasting and Its Rulings

Author: Shaykh Abu Haatim Usaamah Ibn ‘Abdil-Lateef Al-Qoosee

Source: Al-Manhaj
Translator: Abu Maryam Isma'eel Alarcon

Published: Monday 3rd August, 2015

Some Weak Ahaadeeth About Fasting

Some weak ahaadeeth that are often quoted, which are related to fasting in Ramadaan and other times: This is in order to warn against them and to caution the Muslims from attributing them to the Prophet (صلى الله علیه وسلم). [1]

“The first part of Ramadaan is mercy, the middle part (of it) is forgiveness and the last part is freedom from the Hellfire.” [Very Weak]

“Fast and you will be healthy.” [Weak]

“Fasting on the first of Rajab expiates (the sins committed) for three years and (fasting on) the second day expiates (the sins committed) for two years. And the third (day) expiates (the sins committed) for a year. Then every (remaining) day is (an expiation of sins in) a month.” [Weak]

“The month of Ramadaan is suspended between the heavens and earth – it is not raised up to Allaah until the Zakaat-ul-Fitr is given.” [Weak]

“The month of Ramadaan is the month of Allaah, and the month of Sha’baan is my month and Ramadaan is an expiation (for sins).” [Very Weak]

“When the first night of Ramadaan comes, Allaah looks at his creation. And if Allaah looks at a servant of his, He will never punish him. And every night Allaah frees one million people from the Hellfire.” [Fabricated]

“O people! A very great and blessed month has come upon you. It is a month in which there is a night that is better than a thousand months. Allaah has made it an obligation to fast in it, and recommended us to observe the night prayer in it. Whoever seeks nearness to Allaah by doing a good deed in it, it will be like one performing an obligatory action in other months. And whoever performs an obligatory action in it, it is as if he has performed seventy obligatory actions in other months. It is a month of patience – and the reward for patience is Paradise – and a month of comfort, and a month in which the believer’s provision (i.e. wealth) is increased. Whoever feeds a person fasting in this month will have his sins forgiven and free his neck from the Hellfire. And he will have the same reward as the person who is fasting without subtracting anything from his reward. Allaah gives this reward to the one who feeds a fasting person with (even) a sip of milk or a date or a cup of water. And whoever quenches the thirst of the fasting person, Allaah will let him drink a serving from my Hawd (Fountain), from which he will not feel thirst again until he enters Paradise. And it is a month in which the first part of it is mercy, the middle part is forgiveness and the last part is freedom from the Hellfire. And whoever lessens the burden on his servant in it (Ramadaan), Allaah will forgive him his sins and free him from the Hellfire.” [Rejected]

“Fasting is half of patience. And there is a Zakaat that is binding on every thing, so the Zakaat of the body is fasting.” [Weak]

“Whoever breaks his fast in Ramadaan without a valid excuse that Allaah has allowed for him, it will not be recorded on him that he fasted a whole year, even if he fasts it.” [Weak]


[1] The grading on these ahaadeeth are taken from Shaykh Al-Albaanee, quoted from his two books “Da’eef Al-Jaami’” and “Silsilat-ul Ahaadeeth Ad-Da'eefah Wal Mawdoo’ah”.


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