The Signs Before The Day Of Judgement

Author: Al-Haafidh Ibn Katheer

Published: Thursday 14th January, 2016

Description of the Messiah Jesus son of Mary, Messenger of Allaah

Abu Hurairah said,

"The Prophet (صلى الله علیه وسلم) said, 'On the night of the Israa' (miraculous journey to Jerusalem) I met Moses - he was a slim man with wavy hair, and looked like a man from the Shanoo'ah tribe. I also met Jesus - he was of medium height and of a red complexion, as if he had just come out of the bath' " [Bukhaaree, Muslim] [1]

The Prophet (صلى الله علیه وسلم) said,

"Whilst I was asleep, I saw myself (in a dream) making Tawaaf around the Ka'bah. I saw a brown-skinned man, with straight hair, being supported by two men, and with water dripping from his head. I said, 'Who is this?' They said, 'The son of Mary' I turned around and saw a fat, ruddy man, with curly hair, who was blind in his right eye; his eye looked like a floating grape. I asked, 'Who is this?' They said, 'The Dajjaal.' The one who most resembles him is Ibn Qatan." Az-Zuhri explained: Ibn Qatan was a man from Khuzaa'ah who died during the Jaahiliyyah (before the coming of Islaam). [Bukhaaree] [2]


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