The Methodology Of The Prophet’s In Calling To Allaah - That Is The Way Of Wisdom & Intelligence

Author: Shaykh Rabee' Ibn Haadee al-Madkhalee

Source: Manhajul-Anbiyaa fid-Da’wah illAllaah feehil-Hikmah wal-’Aql
Translator: Abu Talhah Dawood Burbank (rahimahullaah)

Published: Tuesday 21st July, 2015

The Escalation Of The Tyranny Of The Pharaoh And How Moosaa And His People Faced It With Patient Perseverance And Forbearance


"The chiefs of Pharaoh's people said, 'Will you leave Moosaa and his people to cause mischief in the land when they have abandoned worship of you and worship of your gods?' He said, 'We will kill their sons and let their women live, and will have full power over them.'" [103]

So what was the sin of Moosaa and his people in the view of these criminals? No crime except that they called to the tawheed of Allaah and to remain firm upon it, and to disbelieve in Pharaoh and his idols. Then what was the response of Moosaa with respect to these disgraceful and outrageous transgressions which exceeded all bounds in its barbarity and ferocity?!

His response was to remain firm upon correct belief, and to have patience and forbearance, and to seek the aid of Allaah in facing these calamities. Then he awaited the good outcome, and victory as a consequence and a good fruit of this remaining firm and this patient perseverance.


"Moosaa said to his people, 'Seeks Allaah's help and be patient, the earth is Allaah's, He gives it as a heritage to whom He pleases from His servants. The final outcome is in favour of those who fear Allaah by avoiding disobedience of Him and doing what He orders.'" [104]

Then when no hope that the Pharaoh and his people would believe remained, and the suffering which the Children of Israa'eel were subjected to increased in severity, the sole request which Moosaa made to the Pharaoh was that he should allow the Children of Israa'eel the freedom to leave the land of Egypt and emigrate to wherever Allaah willed that they should go, in order to save them from the torment inflicted upon them.


"So go to the Pharaoh, saying, 'We are the Messengers sent by your Lord, to order you to free the Children of Israa'eel. So release them and cease tormenting them. Indeed we bring you a clear sign from your Lord, and peace and safety from Allaah's punishment are for those who follow the guidance.'" [105]

It was a sublime call to the tawheed of Allaah containing light and wisdom. It was also accompanied by an eager desire for the guidance of those who were being called, and that they should be purified. It also contained a clear example of the utmost patience and forbearance in enduring great harm, and in facing tyranny and haughty oppression. It also shows the way to face the most difficult situations with wisdom and forbearance, whilst having the strongest hope in Allaah, that He will assist and grant victory to the Believers and destroy the unbelieving oppressors. Including clear lessons for those who make their call purely seeking the Face of Allaah and desire to rectify mankind and to turn to their Lord, and for them to be guided to His Straight Path.


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