What I Witnessed In England

Author: Shaikh Abu ‘Abdir-Rahmaan Yahyaa bin ‘Alee Al-Hujooree

Source: Al-Manhaj
Translator: Abu Maryam Isma'eel Alarcon

Published: Thursday 30th July, 2015

The Beginning of our Journey

The first part of our journey, which Allaah facilitated for us, by His Grace and Bounty...Allaah says:

“He it is who enables you to travel throughout the land and the sea.” [Surah Yoonus: 22]

And He says:

“And there is no blessing that falls on you except that it is from Allaah.” [Surah An-Nahl: 53]

And He says:

“Do you not see that Allaah has subjected for you what is in the heavens and what is in the earth, and He has perfected His favors on you, both apparent and hidden.” [Surah Luqmaan: 20]

And He says:

“And if you were to count the Blessings of Allaah, you would never account for all of them. Verily mankind is very unjust, ungrateful.” [Surah Ibraaheem: 34]

We consider it a blessing that we were able to visit our brothers for the sake of Allaah, we did not go just for the purpose of looking at streets and castles. We consider it a blessing that we were able to go establish the Da’wah to Allaah and to teach. We consider it a blessing that we were reminded by some of the things that can be witnessed there and which serve as a reminder.

The first part of our journey was from San’aa and began at Damaaj. Our noble brothers, may Allaah reward them, assisted us in getting our documents ready for a passport and ticket, etc. I ask Allaah to reward them for that. Our noble brother, Shaikh Muhammad as-Sumalee, may Allaah preserve him, also assisted us tremendously, as is his habit with all of his Muslim brothers, may Allaah reward him.

We arrived at the airport on a Sunday, the third of Rabee’ ath-Thaanee. I was with the brother, Abu Bilaal as-Sweedee, may Allaah preserve him. But Allaah decreed that they hold back Abu Bilaal from going with me for the purpose of inspecting his passport and so on, until Wednesday. However, Allaah enabled a person from England who studied in Ma’rib (to be going at the same time). So the brother, Abu Bilaal, told him: “I will continue to be delayed, could you accompany brother Yahyaa to the brothers who will meet him at the airport?”

The airport in that land of disbelief – I thought that if a person had no one waiting for him he would get lost in it due to its enormity. But the brother, may Allaah reward him, took me when we got off from the airplane.

While I was on the airplane, I found some brothers from the tribe of ‘Uwair. One of them, whose name was ‘Aabid, recognized me and approached me saying: “Are you from the students of the Shaikh?” I said: “Yes.” All praise be to Allaah, the journey was good. We memorized ahaadeeth and reminded one other of some of the aspects of the Sunnah while traveling.

When we reached England, the brother directed me to the area where the brothers were waiting for me. They included brother Hasan bin Saalim al-Hadramee, brother Abu Sufyaan, and brother Hasan al-Maghribee, may Allaah reward them with good. By just seeing me, they became happy and overjoyed. They then took me in their cars from the airport into the city of London in about two hours.

When we arrived, the brothers gathered together to the point that the room became filled. And they asked questions about the Shaikh (Muqbil) and about the da’wah (in Yemen), etc. Most of the questions were of this nature. There were few questions on Fiqh issues and on matters related to the Da’wah, specific to them and which they found difficulty in.

On the second day, we went to the city of Birmingham. This was the second capital city after London. Starting from the second day, we began to hold regular classes there, and many brothers attended in search of knowledge.


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