Fasting and Its Rulings

Author: Shaykh Abu Haatim Usaamah Ibn ‘Abdil-Lateef Al-Qoosee

Source: Al-Manhaj
Translator: Abu Maryam Isma'eel Alarcon

Published: Monday 3rd August, 2015


Verily all praise is due to Allaah, we praise Him, we seek His assistance and we ask for His forgiveness. And we seek refuge in Allaah from the evils of our selves and the evils of our actions. Whoever Allaah guides none can lead him astray and whoever is led astray, none can guide Him. I testify that there is no god that has the right to be worshipped except Allaah, alone and with no partner. And I testify that Muhammad is His slave and final messenger.

To Proceed:

The book before you is a translation of a small pocket-size booklet written by Shaykh Usaamah Al-Qoosee, which was given the title "As-Siyaam wa Ahkaamuhu" (Fasting and Its Rulings). We embarked on the project of translating, formatting and printing this book in the English Language for the month of Ramadaan (December 2000). Two thousand copies of this book were printed by the second week of Ramadaan and over a thousand were distributed for free in our masjid. A portion of the remaining books were sold to some local bookstores to raise funds for our masjid, while a few remaining copies stayed with us for our records. During that same month of Ramadaan, we made this book available over the Internet as a free downloadable book in PDF (Acrobat) format. By the Grace of Allaah, many Muslims downloaded the book and benefited from it greatly.

We have taken the original book and reformatted it so that it can be better viewed over the Internet as well as from its downloaded file. Some of the changes we made were replacing certain fonts for others, adding headings for each section, dividing sections up into their own pages, and providing a Table of Contents that links to each section chosen. We have also added the author's autobiography to add to the benefits of this book. Lastly, as with all of our e-books, we provided front and back covers, so that our readers may assemble their books at their own convenience and store it in their libraries along with their other Islaamic books.

Lastly, we hope that this book serves as a source of benefit for the Muslim ummah and that it is a cause for them to be guided to the truth and to the way of worshipping Allaah correctly. We also ask Allaah that He place this noble work on the scale of good deeds of all those who were involved in its production and distribution. We hope that everyone that reads this can pass it on to their Muslim brothers and sisters, whether by printing them a copy or giving them the book file, so that they too can partake in the benefit.

Written by:
Isma'eel Alarcon
For The Salafi Society of North America
On April 9, 2001


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